Love, Sex & Drunk-texts
Love, Sex & Drunk-texts
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Love, Sex & Drunk-texts (hardcover) Ad
 A New Ass To Kiss,  2012   
 After The Breakup, 2012
 All I Gotta Say, 2012
 Disappointment, 2012
 Are You Ashamed Of Me?, 2013
 As The Newness Fades, 2012
 A Woman With Your Phone, 2012
Come at me bro!
If You Weren't You
By The Time
The Representative
Cell Phone Plan
Heir To My Flaws
Credit or Debit
Them Titties
Drawing The Lines
EBT Card Guy
Emotional Roller Coaster
The Promise Ring Chronicles
I Only Fake It
Empowerment Is Enslavement
Finish Him
When All Else Fails
Gay Shit
Who's The Straightest Of Them All?
He Wanted Her Hand
As The Pimp Stick Rigged Backwards
All the right things...
Hometown Hookup
I Used To Be
I've Bought So Many Dreams
Is You Gay?
I Dreamed
I Hate The Person I Am
I Heard Rich People
I Was Just Too Polite
Immaculate Contraption
Is This It?
It's Over
Love Equals, 2012
Love Logic
Workout Smell
Make-up Sex
Mother's Darling
Martavius Bobo Has His Way
Memoirs Of Lakeesha
Shit Costs
Modern Woman
Moral Fiber
Mr. Mom
My Tastes
Never Really Loved
Nobody Wants To See Us Together
Period Sex
Porn Makes Me A Man
Porn Twin
Professional Voice
Mastering The Pain
Sex Is Like Four Dollars
She Was Smart
She's Having Sex
Downloading Porn
So Much Bigger
But I Do
Something's Wrong
Pyramid Scheme
Stimulus Package
Straight From The iPhone
That's A Dude
The Certificate Of Appreciation
The Fear Of Loneliness
The Gospel
The Only One
The Storm Defined My Moment
The Summer Of 10th Grade
You Never Take Me
The Unforgettable Ex Award
The Veil Of Ignorance
Shit In Common
Martavius Bobo Kisses The Socialite
Will He Make More?
What Is Love
What's Coming
Where Men Turn Cold
Why Can't You Be?
Fucking Classy
Will I Die Bored?
Will You Save Me?
You Look Successful
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