The Knew Me (2015)

Just what are you? Who are you? What is your measure in regards to the men and women of your craft? Your community? The world? Have you made a name worth saying?  Everything known to man belongs to his constructed history full of folklore, semi-facts and often dubious classifications. The human body, more specifically, my body- is bound by fantasy, fairytales, discarded facts and an orchestrated present.

Suspending the idea that one would like to, could a person  somehow divorce from the symbols of the human body placed on them through embodiment? What would it take to "un-me"? Can one forget age, race, gender, good & evil, outside expectations, life-cycles and simply be? What kind of freedom lies with a mind that has no convenient excuses?

(left) Mother Nature, Old Man Winter & Father Time",  Digital Photography, 2015.